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Combination Tours

Tour code: Lemlemtua 822
Type of Tour: SOUTH & NORTH
Duration: (22 days, 21 at nights)
Access: by surface and air

Day 01:: Arrive Addis Ababa.
Day 02: Drive to Arba-minch, crossing the Rift Valley Lakes and Wolayta people at night Arba-minch Swaynes hotel (or other).
Day 03: Morning Drive to chencha for Dorze people afternoon boat trip on Chamo Lake at night Arba-minch.
Day 04: Drive to Jinka, by Admiring Konso, Derase, Ari, Benna and Tsemay people at night camp or local hotel Jinka town.
Day 05: Visit the Mursi people and villages at night Mago park camp.
Day 06: Enter onto the Karo people region and visit their village of Korcho and Duss; with beautiful view over the Omo River too at night camp Murulle or Duss.
Day 07: Continue for the Hammer people region and at night Turmi at the Evangadi campsite & lodge (Camp or fixed tents).
Day 08: Turmi, for villages, dance possibly market & marriage ceremonies.
Day 09: Excursion to Omorate, at bank of Omo River, for Dassanech tribes & villages. Back for at night Turmi.
Day 10: Drive trough Tsemay and Erbore people to the Konso villages. Back for at night konso local hotel or camp.
Day 11: Enter into Borena people region and afternoon visit ELSOD crater (where down the crater Borena men extract salt for their cattle), Borena villages and more at night Yabelo local hotel or camping.
Day 12: Crossing Guji people region and very nice views drive to the Rift Valley Lake of Awassa at night Pina hotel.
Day 13: Morning visit the fish market, and then drive back to Addis Ababa, by admiring the Rift Valley lakes of Shala, Abyata and Langano, Afternoon free in Addis.
Day 14: Drive north to Kombolcha, admiring Afar and Oromo people
Day 15: Drive Lalibela
Day 16: Full day visit of the 11 rock –hewn churches in Lalibela
Day 17: Fly Axum. Afternoon tour of steles, churches, archeological sites
Day 18: Drive to Gondar crossing the remarkable Semein Mountains
Day 19: Morning tour of Gondar’s castles and churches afternoon drives Bahir Dar.
Day 20: Morning Blue Nile Falls, Afternoon boat on Tana Lake, to admire two monasteries, as Ura kidane Mihiret and Mahal Zeghie Gyorgis
Day 21: Fly back Addis Ababa, Afternoon Free

N.B: One-day helicopter excursion from Mekele to Ertale volcano and back, for wonderful views can be done. Extra cost and advanced booking are requested.

Tour code: Lemlemtua 816
Type of Tour: NORTH & SOUTH
Duration: (16 days, 15 nights)
Access: by air and surface

Day 01:: Arrival Addis Ababa, Afternoon tour the National Musium and Entoto Mountains with views
Day 02: Fly Bahir Dar, visit Bezait palace and view over Blue Nile falls and Tana. Afternoon boat trip on Tana Lake to admire 2-3 monastries with very interesting construction and paintings, as Ura Kidane Mehret and Mahal Zeghie Gyorgis
Day 03: Morning drives to admire the Blue Nile Falls, back for lunch. Afternoon drive to Gondar.
Day 04: In Gondar visit the castles compound, King Fasil’s Bath and Debre Birhan Selassie church (light of Trinity) with wonderful murals, Qusuqam church, Queen Mentewab palace and more.
Day 05: Fly Lalibela afternoon visit the first group of the rock churches
Day 06: Morning, mule excursion to Asheton Ariam, with very nice view through villages’ afternoon the second group of the rock churches
Day 07: Fly to Addis and lunch there. Drive to Langano Rift Valley Lake at night Wenney lodge or other.
Day 08: Continue to Arba-minch admiring Wolayta people, their villages and very nice views. Afternoon ascend Chencha hills for the Dorze village to see their culture, work of weavings, cultivation of false banana from which they extract traditional bread (Kocho), their 18ms high houses and more. Dinner and at night Swaynes hotel (3*) with remarkable views over the Chamo lakes and Abayta lakes and the Nech Sar Park.
Day 09: Morning Nech Sar Park, for an early morning game drive. Here you can see wild animals i.e dominated by Zebras, it’s also possible to see the endemic Swain’s heartbeats, greater and lesser Kudus, different gazelles and more. Afternoon boat trip over lake Chamo and encounter the huge hippo colonies and biggest crocodiles in Africa (as some says in the world 6-7ms long). Meals and at night Swains hotel (3*)
Day 10: Drive to Jinka, on the way admire Derashe, Konso Ari, Benna and Tsemay tribes with their respective villages. Konso are famous for the agricultural work with terracing culture at night Jinka local hotel or camp.
Day 11: Drive to Mgo national park and excursion at Mursi people villages at night National park camping.
Day 12: Cross Karo people region and visit their villages of Korcho, with also very nice views over Omo River. Drive to Turmi for dinner and at night Evangadi campsite and lodge. (Camp pr fixed tents).
Day 13: Visit Hammer people villages, culture and possibly their dances. If possible we try to show the unique ceremonies of marriage, with slashing of woman, bull jumping, and more. If Mon or Sat visits market of Hamer, Kara and Dassanech people here or near by Dmeka’s village.
Day 14: Drive to Arba-minch through Erbore people village and afternoon visit Konso people village. Dinner and at night Swaynes hotel Arba-minch
Day 15: Drive back to Addis Ababa
Day 16: Departure

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