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Temple of the Moon at Yeha

Tour the tantalizing and towering ruins with magnificence but surrounded in mysteries.


Visit an open air exhibition of Ethiopia’s pre and post Axumite civilization traces 3rd C.BC. – 10th C.AC.


Discover Ethiopia tour in 13 days. These tours are Historical sites, different monolithic rock hewn churches, places, large and long erected grave marker stone are found.


Take a tour to Ethiopia ancient and beautiful country, a historical treasure of the town of Gondar with its castles and decorated church paints.


Visit the old walled city of Harar with its Rimbaud house, Typical traditional Harari house, the Christian market and don't forget about sightseeing of Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. Different Religion sharing the same city in Peace & Love!

Addis Ababa

Visit Entoto Mountains, with nice view over the capital, and church of St. Mary with adjacent museum of imperial objects) Merkato the great open air market and shopping for souvenirs item, coffee and Gold etc

The Simien Mountains

Hiking and trekking tour in the spectacular Simien Mountains. The hiking touches the most important and interesting sites including the highest peak, Ras Dashen (4562M) scenic beauty endemic alpine. Fauna and flora

Bale Mountains

Bale mountains national Park is the largest area of Afro- Alpine habitat in the whole of the continent. It gives the visitor opportunities for unsurpassed mountain walking and horse trekking

Sof Omar Caves


Omo Lower Valley: For tribal and colorful market

The Omo Valley is adorned with extraordinary cultural integrity and is a melting point of different tribal values and practices!

Festivals Tour

You will tour here hot religious festivals and holidays with combined with the excursions through its great monasteries.

Bird Watching

Birding Tour through Ethiopia, a land of mystery, ancient history, fierce beauty, splendor, discovery, secretive and full of extraordinary wonders