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Festivals Tour

Enqtatash/ Ethiopian new year celebration/
The New Year is celebrated by all over Ethiopia on the 1st month of Ethiopia/Meskerm/ September 11th. To celebrate the New Year boy offer paints to their neighbors and relatives while girls express their whishes for the New Year by going to each family in the neighborhood singing and offering twinges as a mark of good wish for the New Year. This is a spectacular event to see for anyone who is a guest in Ethiopia.


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Meskel/The finding of true cross
The festival is to commemorate the finding of the true cross every year on September 27th. It is colorful as the TIMKET. Here there is priests sing religious hymens and chants. Their colorful robs and the bonfire made in connection of celebration, all the people in their traditional clothes makes this festival unique. The festival is more colored by the golden yellow flowers Meskel Daisies, endemic flowers locally known as “Adey Abeba” which bloom once a year and during Meskel.

Genna/Ethiopian Christmas/
It is more unique in the rural area than in the cities. The celebration of Ethiopian Christmas is celebrated by various activities like horse race people and folk dances of authentic type. At Lalibela Genna is celebrated in very attractive ways due to the birth date of King Lalibela was at similar day. In the rural area the game of the match looks like European Hocket but typically Ethiopia is conducted between youth teams of two the game is named after the festival and is called “Yegena Chewata”

Timket/Ethiopian Epiphany/

Fasika/Ethiopian Easter/