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Omo Lower Valley: For tribal and colorful market

This visit of different tribes and their markets presents the traveler with a unique experience: Mursi women and their labial plate, the Hamer with the bull jumping ceremony, Karo people with their bodies beautifully painted multi- ethnic groups and cultural diversity (in this part of the country where people speak at least, 45 different languages).

The Omo National Park, 4,068 km2 of wilderness bordered by the Omo river, is home to an amazing range of wildlife. The Omo river, with its breathtaking gorge and its rapids has become a popular river for rafting. The Omo valley offers the most attractive and beautiful landscape.


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The region holds many interesting tribal villages home to the Hamer, Mursi, Karo, Dorze, Surma, Geleb, Bume and others.

Both their lifestyle and their culture are deeply imbued in tradition still untouched by our modern world. The Rift Valley hosts a splendid chain of lakes that run from Ethiopia to Tanzania. These lakes are home to such a vast variety of domestic and migratory birds that they have earned a reputation as a bird-watcher’s paradise. The lakes are surrounded by national parks, beaches and depressions; lake Langano with its volcanic waters is the only one suitable for swimming.