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Bale Mountains

The magnificent Bale Mountains dominate the south-east of Ethiopia, the Bale National Park is a high altitude plateau interspersed with cascading mountain streams, grassy plains, small blue lakes and dramatic peaks.

It is possible to schedule trekking tours through the Simien Mountains and the Bale Mountains of various durations, anywhere from 5 days up. The length of the trip depends on the route taken, the trekkers’ physical shape and their sightseeing interests; on average hikes last from 4/5h to 8/9 per day. All the equipment for camping is provided by our Agency except personal sleeping-bags. Baggage and food supplies are carried by mules and the meals are prepared by the cook with a kitchen camp. A warm sleeping bag is strongly recommended because, during at night time, the average temperature ranges around 3° C, whereas from October to December the temperature can fall as low as several degrees below zero.

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