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Ancient Reveal Axum, about 1000skms North of Addis Ababa, historical was the Second Capital City of Ethiopia. The prominent Chrisitian top attration, Axum, simply is an open air exhibition of Ethiopia’s pre and post Axumite civilization traces 3rd C.BC. – 10th C.AC. The Axumite Kingdom rising to importance around the time of the birth of Christ, the time of the earliest historical records, Axum was the capital of the far reaching Axumite Kingdom, a great commercial civilization that traded with distant lands and dominated the vital crossroads of Africa and Asia for almost a thousand years.


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Coin Mintage, as a result of strong economic dominance was one of the developments shown of this time and helps the Axumites to install their continent wide trade, The Gold, Silver and Bronze Coins begin to be mint around the 4th C.AC. are still found exposed on the plain lands of Axum.